We provide value-added administrative processes and real-time customization services including facility management, factory customization, dealer ordered accessory installation, and title and key administration.

Rail and Yard Management
At rail and yard management facilities, we bring the full scope of our logistics services, systems and experience to bear for our finished vehicle customers - from vehicle preparation and processing, to inspections and yard management, to full-scale automotive logistics and transportation.

For OEM customers, we manage essential logistics services of high-volume automotive production facilities and busy rail terminals to enable the movement of finished vehicles to market.

Title Administration
Our specially-designed Title Center is supported by exceptional systems and professional expertise - assuring that titles are available at the time of sale, regardless of location. Jack Cooper is capable or handling millions of titles per year.

Key Administration
Car rental customers sometimes lose keys. This drives significant costs and revenue loss for rental car companies. Jack Cooper is capable of storing thousands of spare keys and key fobs in our secure vault to help companies avoid those problems. In the event that a key or key fob is lost by a car rental customer, we ship the spare key or key fob overnight; which enables the rental car company to put the vehicle back into rental service more quickly.

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