We deliver a full spectrum of services within the finished vehicle and remarked vehicle markets. From third-party logistics and intelligent network design to remarketing and web-based claims management, we are capable of meeting even the most challenging and time-sensitive logistics demands.


With trust and third-party objectivity, we facilitate transactions among manufacturers, dealers, auctions, fleet owners, and leasing companies. Jack Cooper has managed inventory and inspections on millions of vehicles for many OEMs, car rental companies, lending institutions, dealerships and auctions throughout the United States.

We also perform lease termination and repossession inspections at dealer and auction locations.


We provide value-added administrative processes and real-time customization services including facility management, factory customization, dealer ordered accessory installation, and title and key administration.

  • Rail and Yard Management - Full scope of our logistics services, systems and experience from vehicle preparation and processing, to inspections and yard management, to full-scale automotive logistics and transportation.
  • Title Administration - Our specially-designed Title Center handles millions of titles every year, supported by exceptional systems and professional expertise.
  • Key Administration – Storage of thousands of spare keys and key fobs in our secure vault available for overnight shipping which enables a customer to avoid delays due to lost keys and put the vehicle back into service more quickly.


We manages one of the largest fleets in America and ships millions of new and used vehicles each year, safely and efficiently. Our shipping services include; transportation of new vehicles from OEM assembly centers, vehicle distribution centers and port sites to dealers or other intermediate destinations. We also provide yard management services, including railcar loading and gate releasing services at leading OEM assembly centers.